Shipping & Returns

Delivery Schedule

All out-of-state orders placed on will ship out on Monday or Tuesday. In-state orders are shipped everyday excluding Fridays and weekends.

Since most of our gifts are perishable we will not ship a gift if it will not arrive within the same week the order is placed. For example, if an order is placed on a Wednesday and it takes two or more business days to arrive, we may hold the order and ship in on the following Monday to allow the item to travel during consecutive business days. This will insure the product not sitting at UPS over the weekend and potentially spoil.

Please call us for time sensitive needs - 1.800.446.6999

Delivery Methods

We ship using United Parcel Service (UPS). Please use a shipping address where there will more likely be somebody to accept delivery.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Due to the various weights of our gifts (from 2 lbs to 35 lbs) our shipping rates are varied based on where the item is being shipped to. Most items will arrive within 1-3 business days.

All perishable items being shipped to states that are 4 or more days travel time via UPS ground travel days need to be shipped via UPS Air to guarantee freshness.

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